Your very own desk

woman working at dedicated desk

Tuck into your own personal workspace that you don’t have to share. Take pride in having a mini office in the heart of Toronto that you can access whenever you want.

Each month you get:

  • Your very own desk

  • 24/7 access

  • 3 hours of meeting room credits

  • Members meeting room rate

  • A business mailing address

  • Free & discounted tickets to Make Lemonade events

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • Blazing fast wifi

  • Unlimited coffee, tea & lemonade

  • A community of like-minded people,

$500 month to month
$450/month on a 6 month commitment

Increased productivity, performance and focus - Make Lemonade is a MUST for any entrepreneur! After working out of my bedroom for years, I’m so thankful to have found a co-working space big enough for my dreams.

Within a few months, I saw huge changes in my business - Increased sales because I was getting so much done every day, growing my network of entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of AND the entire space is an Instagrammer’s dream.
— Kat Gaskin

You’re a full time boss that deserves to keep work at work and a space that feels like home.

women working together
woman working downtown toronto

Managing your home time and your work time can be hella stressful. When your kitchen table and home office all look the same you know something has to change. 

With your very own dedicated desk you can feel confident knowing that your work things have a new home…and it’s not where you sleep. Zip in when the idea strikes with 24/7 access, and feel empowered with your out of office time without your laptop staring you down from your living room.


Ready to join the community?

STEP ONE: Click “Join the waitlist.”
STEP TWO: Follow the link that directs you to a new webpage.
STEP THREE: Fill out your details and how we can reach you.

Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll hear from Ashley (Director of Good Vibes) or Rachel (Founder) as soon as a spot opens up.

PS: If you’re serious about growing your business into an empire maybe it’s about time you stopped working out of your kitchen. Get a desk.

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