Photo by  Angela Tran

Photo by Angela Tran

Your next event here

You are a dreamer, a hustler and a connector. You feel alive when creating experiences where people can meet IRL.

You think about all the details and appreciate the importance of a well designed space.

You think big and we’re here to support all of your zesty ideas. You can book our full venue to host your next panel, workshop or event.

The nitty-gritty

  • Natural light, jungle print wallpaper and bright colours set the tone as soon as your attendees enter (plus the venue is 100% instagrammable).

  • Custom wooden tables and 40 chairs for you to feel confident while hosting in this space.

  • Unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade means one less thing for you to organize.

  • Really good wifi. Always.

  • A projector and speakers included with every rental. Hot tip - a great playlist is the quickest way to set the mood and welcome our attendees.

  • An indoor patio decked out with twinkle lights, teal patio sets and turf. Guaranteed to bring out good vibes.

  • Full use of the retro kitchen, glassware and tableware. You are welcome to bring in food and drinks for your attendees.

  • Make Lemonade staff member on site during your rental to answer all the questions.

Event rental Toronto

When renting at Make Lemonade you will feel the support of the community, notice the efficiency of working with a small team and create magical experiences that will be lasting for your attendees.

Sounds pretty sweet right?


Ready to book your next event?

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STEP THREE: Ashley, the Director of Good Vibes, will connect with you within 48hrs.

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