Small Meeting room Toronto

Simply put, this meeting room is the best bang for your buck.

A rental in The Squeeze will:

  • Level up client meetings.

  • Bring you confidence in your one-on-one chats.

  • Provide a zesty backdrop for livestreams, photoshoots or zoom calls.

The nitty-gritty

  • Natural light and bright walls set the tone as soon as you enter (plus the room is 100% instagrammable).

  • A glass table and 4 chairs for you to feel comfortable while hosting in this room.

  • Unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade means a consistent welcome every time you meet your clients.

  • Really good wifi. Always.

meeting room Toronto
women connecting in a meeting room

When renting a meeting room at Make Lemonade you will feel the support of the community, notice the efficiency of working with a small team and create magical experiences that will be lasting for your attendees.

Sounds pretty sweet right?

Ready to book THE Squeeze?

STEP ONE: Click here and choose an available time slot in the calendar.
STEP TWO: Confirm booking time and date.
STEP THREE: Pop in your details to create an account (hot tip you only need to do this once!).
STEP FOUR: Accept the terms and conditions and process booking.
STEP FIVE: You will receive a confirmation email with the nitty-gritty.

room rental Toronto