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Learn how to make sales without selling out

When it feels like everyone has some magical secret that you don’t, it’s easy to feel discouraged about making a single sale in your business, let alone enough to cover rent.

It’s okay, we got you.

Wanna go from feeling icky after wearing your sales-persona, to pure awesome? We have the secret, sales can actually be fun!

Sales 101 is an online class that gives you the tools to start selling your products and services, minus the ick. In this class, learn:

  • WTF sales even is (spoiler alert, it’s not as icky as you think).

  • What motivates people to buy from YOU.

  • The key to reframing sales so you can skyrocket your income.

  • How to set up and close the sale.

  • How to create sales copy for your website and social channels that you can use forever.


  • A digital and printable workbook with actionable steps to take now!

  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Confidence in creating sales without selling out.

Meet Your Sales Expert, Katy PRINCE.

Katy is a copywriting and sales coach for creative entrepreneurs. She helps business owners like you get more leads, more sales, and more money in the bank by showing you how to write awesome sales copy that actually sounds like you, and close the deals of your dreams.

Katy’s an expert in ethical sales - so no squirmy or pushy tactics here, and you’re going to love her signature style - it’s all about ditching excuses, saying buh-bye to overwhelm, and making selling feel easy, natural, and fun.

Katy The Copywriter

The Magic Is in YOu

You already have all you need to create that big, wild, and outrageous business of yours.

Sometimes a little nudge, some helpful hints, and someone who has your back is all you need to take your dreams to the next level.

The lessons and actionable tools learned in this class will get you out of your funk and on a one way trip towards your dreams. 

The best part? All of the skills gained are designed for you to get out there and make sales without compromising who you are and what you stand for.

REady to make more leads, more sales, and more bank?

STEP ONE: Click “Sign me up for Sales 101.”
STEP TWO: Enter in your deets, then click “sign me up!”
STEP THREE:  Pop in your payment details and then you are good.to.go!

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be directed to a new webpage with access to all the courses. You’ll also receive a welcome email from us with a confirmation of being so smart for signing up to Sales 101.

PS: No sales = No business. This means your hustle might just be a hobby. Ready to turn your hobby into a business?

Katy The Copywriter