women networking

Looking to connect with like minded folks who just “get it”?

Feeling overwhelmed trying to balance ALL the things?

Love being your own boss but ... it’s lonely right?

Make Lemonade Lemon Mixers are a solution to icky networking events. Swing by, grab some lemonade and take in the good vibes. All you need to do is show up, easy peasy!

The monthly Lemon Mixer is networking that doesn’t make you feel icky. It’s completely different from other events. No high-stakes pressure. No competitive vibes. You can come as you are judgment-free.

The welcoming atmosphere makes you feel completely at ease. And this is coming from a shy introvert. There’s also the perfect blend of unstructured time to chat and a facilitated “ask ‘n give” round. Everyone is so friendly and collaborative. I’m looking forward to connecting with more people next month!
— Ellen Kaross

good vibes only

Lemonade, good vibes and a room of new pals, sounds like a dream right?

When you’re stuck in your own head all day, you need a place to connect with other people who just get it.

Show up as you are in a zero pressure environment. Mingle with new pals, celebrate your wins (big and small) and get support if you’ve hit a low.

Leave feeling connected, confident, and with a new community in tow. We guarantee you’ll be leaving high on good vibes.

women networking

Join us on SEPTEMBER 24th

women chatting on a patio

STEP ONE: Click “checkout” below.
STEP TWO: Once you enter in your details, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket info.
STEP THREE: Join the Facebook event to see who else is coming.
STEP FOUR: 24 hours before the event we will send you the nitty-gritty so you are feeling comfy before the event evening rolls around.

PS : Want the full Make Lemonade experience? Drop in with a day pass and get sh*t done before the mixer starts.