Wanna drink more lemonade?

woman at front desk

Ever wonder what makes this place so special?

Every time you walk into Make Lemonade, it’s a member of the Front Desk Gang who welcomes you, makes sure there’s always coffee, dishes out the wifi code and tells you how to get your hands on all the lemonade.

The Front Desk Gang welcomes everyone to the Make Lemonade community and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

This role is the heart and soul of what keeps our space thriving. Simply put, we can't do this without you.

The Gist of it

The Front Desk Gang is a 6 month volunteer program at Make Lemonade. There are two options to be part of the Gang:

  • For the commitment of a 4.5 hour shift each week, you get a Half Pressed membership in exchange.

  • For the commitment of a 4.5 hour shift every other week, you get a Zest membership + 4 day passes for each shift worked in exchange.

What’s Involved?

Just like when you enter a coffee shop, a hotel or event, there’s always someone there to make you feel good about being there. In this role you’re that person. Duties for each shift include:

  • Greeting anyone who enters Make Lemonade.

  • Provide general information about memberships, events, meeting rooms & day passes.

  • Ensure the office is neat ‘n tidy (wiping up spills, tucking in chairs, upkeep in kitchen).

  • Taking out the garbage.

  • Helping with minor IT problems, like setting up the projector and using the printer.

  • Follow the Community Guidelines and overall be an ambassador for the space.


The Front Desk Gang program is an opportunity to connect with a community, grow as a person, give back and help a small business grow! If you’re looking to get out of your house, make some new friends and learn a lot about entrepreneurship, this is the position for you!

When I found out about this program, I was so excited to have access to this space in exchange for my time. What I didn’t realize is that Make Lemonade would go on to provide me with a new community full of wonderful, and supportive people that were always in my corner while I was going through stressful times.

Being apart of the Front Desk Gang really helped me to not only be confident in my business and career, but also helped me become more confident in life (for reals). Make Lemonade, and being a part of the Front Desk Gang had a big role to play in my transition from student, to the working world, they gave me the tools, and knowledge to help propel my career.
— Victoria Cake
Victoria Cake

We are currently accepting applications for the July 1st, 2019 - December 31st, 2019 program.

PS: We love to show members of the Gang extra love, like inviting y’all to exclusive events & giving you shout outs in our newsletter.