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  • Canada

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of and appreciation for your (or your business') story. It will also help you craft and tell your story more effectively and powerfully, while sharpening storytelling and presentation skills.

With the use of theory, examples and activities, we will outline the elements of a powerful story - and help you leverage them for greater impact, such as:

• What makes a good story?
• What's YOUR story? (knowing that is the first step to telling it)
• How to leverage your "purpose" or "cause" in your storytelling
• The importance of authenticity
• Knowing your unique selling proposition
• How to make facts compelling
• How to deliver a strong interview
• The headline, hook, the story arc, character development, the use of narrative, story structure
• The importance of engagement, relevance and emotional connection

About Elisa Birnbaum
A journalist, copywriter and communications consultant for over 15 years, Elisa has written for a range of publications and is currently a regular contributor to the National Post on matters of social entrepreneurship. She also works with a range of clients, helping them tell their stories effectively and with impact.

Founder, publisher and editor of SEE Change Magazine, Elisa has been bringing stories of social entrepreneurship and social change to a growing readership in Canada, the US, and beyond, for over seven years. The magazine received a generous grant from Heritage Canada to produce a multimedia project documenting social change in Canada. Elisa is also an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow and has just completed her first book on social entrepreneurs around the globe, to be published this spring.