Do you like to create, dream, and get sh*t done? Turn your dreams into reality with our monthly masterclasses hosted in the freshest space in Toronto. Equip yourself with the tools needed to grow your business mindset, mingle with driven women, and learn from experts in their field. Each month is a new topic, a new expert, and fresh vision, everything you need to Make Lemonade. 🍋🍋🍋


New to freelancing? Ready to grow your creative/consulting biz? Experienced freelance writer and consultant Shauna Vert is ready to pull back the curtain on the freelance industry and give you a no-holds-barred glimpse at how to build and grow a successful creative business.

Go beyond the "what to charge for freelancing" Google search, and get real insider information on how to find great clients, sell services, set prices, and manage time so you can truly be your own boss.

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Viral blogger turned freelance writer and content consultant Shauna Vert (she/her) is a high-demand creative and strategic talent.

Over the past few years, she has grown her business from sporadic blog articles to a 30+ roster of projects and clients from across North America. She has mentored several freelancers through quitting their jobs, multiplying their income, and managing a business. Shauna works from her home office in rural Niagara, as well as on the road as a digital nomad.

Check out Shauna via @Shaunanagins &


6:15 Check-in
6:30 Masterclass begins
8:15 Question & discussion period
8:30 Leave feeling recharged, energized and like you actually learned something.

*Munchies and refreshments will be provided.