Ovaries Before Brovaries: an open discussion, celebration and re-education of women's health and periods (because periods NEED to be talked about more as adults, and frankly, your 6th grade sex-ed class just doesn't cut it)

Join naturopathic doctors Madeleine Elton and Jennah Miller and get ready to talk periods!

This will be an interactive workshop/women's circle hybrid, where you'll have a chance to actively learn everything you could possibly want to know about your menstrual cycle. What a normal period should look like, self-care for every stage of your cycle, and managing symptoms naturally (hello there pain and PMS).

Have a chance to share your first period story in a supportive environment surrounded by your fellow menstruators. Those who attend also have a chance to be entered to win a period lover's gift basket.

For more information about our doctors, please check out their websites at www.madeleineelton.com and www.jennahmiller.com