Do you like to create, dream, and get sh*t done? Turn your dreams into reality with our monthly #MLmasterclass hosted in the freshest space in Toronto. Equip yourself with the tools needed to grow your business, mingle with driven women, and learn from experts in their field. Each month is a new topic, a new expert, and fresh vision, everything you need to Make Lemonade.

This workshop is all about execution! You’ve got your brand down, your website up, your services/products ready to go? Now what?

Over the course of two hours, you will be led through the core elements of selling your services/products to the right contacts through the art of prospecting and closing the deal!

We will go over the following:
1. Prospecting Guidelines
2. Key Contact and Intro
3. Follow up and Follow through
4. Face to Face
5. Let's Close

Huda Alvi is a Mother, Step Mother, Activist and Social Entrepreneur. Having started 3 businesses from the age of 18 till present she has mastered the art of networking, pitching and creating.

Huda founded her first Direct Marketing Company at the age of 18. She then led to form Istaff Management a boutique staffing agency that reached just shy of a Million Dollars in profit in her first year! She now runs a social enterprise called Workshops By Huda that provides workshops, events, brunches and more. The company also offers full media services including workshops within the corporate sector.

6:15: Check-in
6:30: Masterclass begins
8:15: Question & discussion period
8:30: Leave feeling recharged, energized and like you actually learned something.

*Munchies and refreshments will be provided.

Masterclasses are FREE for Make Lemonade Members (10 spots available). Not a member yet? Join the club!