Manifest your Intentions for 2018: 
Chakra Clearing Creative Workshop

A powerful exploration through your chakras to clear any blocks so you can widen your connection to your higher self and guides. 

Are you ready to leave behind what was holding you back in 2017 and manifest abundance in the new year?

This workshop includes:
~ Get comfy with a cup of herbal tea or coffee to warm up the soul
(Pluck Tea, All ingredients are from Ontario Farmers). 
~ A Chakra Clearing Guided Meditation
~ Learn how to connect your emotions with new thought patterns by understanding the body’s seven main chakras
~ Clear blocks using sound meditation for each of the chakras
~ Set your intentions for abundance in 2018
~ Create your own personalized chakra themed painting to help manifest your intentions
~ Take home your painting masterpiece and a Radiant Botanics Chakra Balancing, Crystal Infused bath salt gift

Presented by Corinne Clapham & Leanne Weaver

~ Corinne Clapham is the Creator/Owner of Inner Paradise. Which focuses on inner healing using natural methods. Within her scope as an Intuitive Wellness Coach where she is by your side, guiding you to gain clarity on your goals that is in alignment with your highest good. Additionally and most importantly she guides you to uncover what has been creating discord and blockages from achieving and attaining your desires and dreams. Clearing and releasing the inner blocks and clutter so your Inner paradise can shine brighter than ever before. Corinne Clapham is also a Reiki Master (energy healing), Journey Practitioner (healing on a cellular level), Yoga Instructor & Meditation Facilitator. 

~ Leanne Weaver is a holistic nutritionist and the founder of Radiant Botanics, a chakra balancing, crystal infused skincare line made with pure botanical ingredients and spiritual intentions. Her mission is to make healthy habits easier to form using her high vibe products, and SIMPLE self care techniques to help you live a healthy, happy, radiant life that you love!

Early Bird Special until December 25th $30
Regular $40

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Due to workshop materials/nature of this class, fee is non refundable. You may transfer your ticket to another person.

We look forward to spending this Soulful Sunday with You! XO