• Make Lemonade (map)
  • 326 Adelaide Street West
  • Toronto, ON, M5V 1R3
  • Canada

An intimate + playful workshop incorporating Crown + Bliss's current theme of personal growth.

In order to grow, it's important to focus inwards and reflect. Setting intentions in the autumn allow the seed to grow for the new year. We will guide you through setting an intention for personal growth and planting this seed -literally and figurately.

You will be guided through this workshop where you'll set an intention, learn how to make your own macrame plant hanger, and plant your intention within your hanger. *All supplies will be provided.


Why Macrame Plant Holder?
Terrariums move over, Macrame is making a comeback (40 years later, we'll hold off on the bellbottoms).

We've been seeing these everywhere; Drake Devonshire, Broadview Hotel, every cool shop on Queen West. And no wonder, if you live in Toronto it likely means you only have micro space to host any greenery. We need a way to maximize all space including our ceiling real estate.

Instead of buying a $80-$100 macrame plant holder for your decor, why not become your own macrame master. DIY so you can take your new skill with you whenever a macrame is needed.

Incorporating Personal Growth?
Fall is the perfect time to start reflecting on your personal growth. To grow, you need to be mindful for where you are, what needs to be trimmed. Then, you are able to set a true intention of where you need to grow.

What is provided?
Supplies for making macrame hanger, the accompanying pot to fit into your new plant holder; seeded paper to plant your intention (which we will guide you through connecting to); and soil to plant your intention.

Light refreshments provided.