Spring Clean + Glow will arm you with the know-how to clear away any wintery clutter, give your body a thorough thawing, and start you on the right track for a flourishing spring. As the seasons change, so must our daily routine!

At the beginning of the sixty-minute workshop, you’ll take stock of your current state of mind, body, and soul, before looking ahead to where you want to be. Lisa will share her advice on reaching even the dustiest of internal corners, and all without a rickety stepladder in sight. Moving on, with a focus on gut health, Lisa will highlight the connection between your digestive system and the rest of your body. She will also cover essential skincare techniques—for a healthy glow you’ll be proud to reveal after months of living in a cocoon of scarves.

The evening will conclude with Lisa’s top "Cleanse and Glow" tips, and a chance for you to ask all your burning questions about adapting to seasonal changes. So don your brightest marigolds, grab your fluffiest of dusters, and get ready to rearrange the furniture. It’s time for a spring clean!


Lisa Holowaychuk is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist and the consultant behind LIFEBYLEESE. Lisa pairs her formal education in nutrition, with her personal experiences to deliver holistic health advice to every individual she meets with.

Lisa goes below the surface of her clients’ physical health and food intake, encompassing the nourishment of the mind and soul, ensuring not just full-body healing, but excelling.

6:15 - Arrive
6:30 - Patio Session begins
7:30 - Question and answer period
8:00 - Leave the session feeling ready to flourish this spring