• UnCo Showroom (map)
  • 487 Adelaide Street West Unit 200
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Canada

UnCo. + Make Lemonade have united forces to bring you a magical night of storytelling, vulnerability & community....again.

Something that is rarely talked about is the honesty and hardship associated with starting something from scratch. We mention failure, how we can't let it define us and how we must find the strength to get back up. But what happens when you can't get back up? How do you cope with personal sacrifice or make tough decisions when you just don't know? This is a conversation about overcoming personal adversity and finding your way.

The evening is all about honest humans having real conversations based off of personal experience, in an inclusive and supportive space. Carefully selected for our panel are a group of women who have persevered through some of the challenging of times...like when life handed them a lemon. On our panel:

Anne Pringle

Ilana Ben Ari 

Laura Davidson 

Monique Bryan

6:30pm-7:00pm// Mix & Mingle

- Complimentary snacks & bevvy's
- Enjoy UnCo's pop-up space & sample capsules

7:10pm-8:30pm// Real Talks
- Intro & Welcome
- Conversations + QA w/ guests!

8:30pm-9:00pm// Mix & Mingle (Pt. 2)
- Say farewell to new friends

All ticket sales will go towards a creative project fund for women identifying folks who want to apply with an idea and bring it to life. Community-driven events for the community and put back into the community, details being released on the event night!

What's UnCo? 
UnCo's mission to change the way we consume clothes and empower people to do more with less. They deliver seasonal capsule clothing collections, bringing simplicity to wardrobes and morning routines. From March 5th through March 29th, guests will be able to book capsule-building sessions in the space—and take the first step to ethical, sustainable living through independently-owned fashion. A special thanks to UnCo. for hosting us for the night. This event will take place in their beautiful pop-up space.