Do you like to create, dream, and get sh*t done? Turn your dreams into reality with our monthly #MLmasterclass hosted in the freshest space in Toronto. Equip yourself with the tools needed to grow your business, mingle with driven women, and learn from experts in their field. Each month is a new topic, a new expert, and fresh vision, everything you need to Make Lemonade.

At 'Do more, in less time: The Keys To Becoming A True CEO In Your Life And Business' we’ll show you how to make a massive impact by incorporating strategies that balance self-care with crushing it! This class will show you how our experts went from 0 to globally known businesses and how you can incorporate their hacks to make the most of your day. Plus you'll learn the high-level strategies that you need to truly think like a CEO and create massive growth in your business and life.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
-Discovering Your Zone of Genius
-Becoming the CEO of Your Life and Business
-Delegate, Eliminate, Automate
-Managing Your Day for Ease and Flow
-Time-saving hacks for Email + Work
-Tips to manage anxiety and overwhelm when you've got a lot on the go

Reese Evans is a Master Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and founder of the women's - empowerment platform YES SUPPLY. By mixing woo-woo and #werk she helps women find their passion and purpose in life, tap into their inner power and create a freedom-filled lifestyle and business that exceeds their wildest dreams.

Alyssa is a Productivity Strategist for female entrepreneurs and founder of The Productive Entrepreneur. She’s the creator of The Game Changer Series where she interviews female entrepreneurs on modern entrepreneurship, and hosts productivity events for global companies like Lululemon. Alyssa also has an online community of Free-Spirited Babes who she helps to work fewer hours in business while getting more done, and making a bigger impact (and more money).

*Munchies and refreshments will be provided.

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