Ever go on a deep dive into Instagram, find an inspiring person and think “damn, I want to know them!”? Sometimes all you wanna do is hang out with a kindred spirit, ask them burning questions, hear their story first hand, and see them dunk cookies in milk, amirite?

Milk & Cookies is all about bringing two bright personalities together in an intimate setting while they share hilarious antidotes, juicy insights, and all the fun.

Get cozy, grab a cookie and hear from your hosts for the evening….

Morgan lunn.png

Morgan Lunn / Founder of Girl Gang Goodies
Meet Morgan Lunn, Founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES an online cookie delivery service in Toronto. GIRL GANG GOODIES is inspired by the powerful women in our lives who support & empower us through the thick and the thin, creating more moments to celebrate them. The GOODIES are a chocolate chip cookie with a twist: a secret spice we add that originate some an ex-girlfriend in the ’70s. After launching the brand Valentine’s Day 2018, 8 days later she swapped her corporate life to take GGG full time. Morgan is originally from Vancouver BC and lives for a time with her personal #girlgang and family. Outside of baking, you can find her in some sweaty endeavor from spin to boxing, exploring her neighborhood, hunting for the best cappuccino or hosting the gang for dinner.


Michelle Laratta / Founder of Big Ass Pinata
Want a piñata? You bet your ass you do. Meet Michelle Laratta: owner, child’s play professional and ass behind Big Ass Piñata, Toronto’s very own custom piñata company. Michelle said “au revoir” to her half-life in Montreal and “fuk ya” to coming home to raise her 7-year-old son in an untouchable piñata paradise. Going on its 5th year, Big Ass Piñata pushes piñatas to the limit with unique designs, contraptions, and concepts whether 5 inches or 8 feet tall. And Michelle’s never turned down a job yet. It’s not a party 'till you break something.

So, what’s included?

6:15 Check-in ‘n get comfy!
6:30 Cozy conversation begins (questions and conversation is 100% encouraged)
8:00 Leave feeling recharged, energized and like you actually know the speakers a little more.

*We're super proud to have Toronto-locals, Greenhouse, servin' up Almond Milk and Girl Gang Goodies with their to-die-for cookies.