How many 'diversity and inclusion' events do we need to have before we actually start to take action?

We pride ourselves on living in one of the most diverse cities in the world but how come that's not reflected on our conference stages? Panels? Influencer campaigns? Workplaces?

Make Lemonade and Do Well Dress Well have joined forces for a solution-oriented event that will bring together a number of allies from across our city. These diverse individuals have all publicly committed to using their position, experience and influence to advance underrepresented groups.


Golnaz Golnaraghi - SheEO Activator & President Divity Group


Mohammed Asaduallah - Founder, Women and Color


Kim Kirton - Co-Founderand CEO, UnCo


Karlyn Percil-Mercieca - CEO of KDPM Consulting Group Inc. & Founder of SisterTalk Group

After a short panel and group discussion, we'll work collaboratively on a pledge and action plan that each attendee will sign and be held accountable to.

We know better, so we gotta do better. We're ready to make a change in our city -- the question is, are you?

Refreshments and munchies will be provided!

All proceeds will be donated to support platforms that align with our pledge and action plan.