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  • Canada

Ideas with Intention is an action-driven workshop for entrepreneurs who desire to not only establish & develop great ideas in business, but more importantly, execute them.

— Because there’s nothing worse than ending up with a bunch of half-finished ideas that have full-fledged potential.

It's an experience designed to help you take intentional action on the right things — to get your idea off the whiteboard and into the real world.

Each workshop focuses on the application of innovative thinking, intentional strategy and implementation techniques to move your idea forward & take your startup OR seasoned business to the next level.

You’ll be guided through a workbook that helps you pinpoint exactly what is slowing down the success of your idea (and how to bust through that bottleneck) while also having the opportunity to pitch your idea & receive immediate feedback during a roundtable discussion!

Ideas with Intention is led by Shannan Scott, a Small Business Strategist + Creative Consultant who helps business owners meet their ideas with intention and ultimately create higher levels of influence + impact in their industry.