No commitment necessary, our day passes are perfect for 1-day work sessions (Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm), and you can add-on as you go!

Day passes include access to:

  • Really good wifi

  • Our shared workstations, comfy lounge & indoor patio

  • Phone booths for private phone or video calls

  • Unlimited coffee, tea & lemonade

  • A welcoming community

Love this place! Such an upbeat, bright and welcoming atmosphere. Get a lot of work done, and yet also have great conversations with people who are also working there. Fab office environment.
— Emilia Amaro
Emilia Amaro

woman coworking

You’re a boss on a mission and dodgy wifi, wobbly tables, and loud espresso machines just don’t cut it anymore.


Sure cafes and working from bed are romantic, but the reality is sometimes you just need coffee on tap, speedy wifi, and a place to get sh*t done. You already know that working from a cafe can’t be the end all to your big exciting life.

While the typical coworking space only offers membership plans, our lemonade stand is open to everyone! No membership needed, just show up, connect to the wifi and get sh*t done.


READY TO get sh*t done?

STEP ONE: Click “Buy Now.”
STEP TWO: Follow the link that directs you to a new webpage.
STEP THREE: Click “add to cart” then,“continue”, enter your details, and just like that, you’re all set up.

Swing by 326 Adelaide Street W. on the 6th floor and check in with the front desk. We’ll get you connected to our speedy wifi, get you caffeinated, and even show you our patio! Sweet, right?

PS: Bring a pal on a Monday and take advantage of our 2-4-1 offer!