Business 101 is a series of 4 online classes that give you the tools to start your business with confidence. With each class, this is what you get:

  • Private access to four online classes so you can press ‘play’ from anywhere.

  • A digital and printable workbook with actionable steps to take now!

  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Confidence in knowing what is actually going on in your business.

Finances 101

Led by the Beyoncé of finance, Lisa Zamparo teaches you how to make money, bookkeep like a boss, and finally understand taxes.

Lesson 1| Creating Profit
Setting your pricing, managing overhead costs, and how to plan for profit.

Lesson 2| Bookkeeping
Choosing software, managing receipts, what to do on an ongoing, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Lesson 3| Taxes
Key Terms, Business Expenses, How to's of HST & How to file your first return.


Change your mindset about selling with expert, Katy Prince. She teaches you how to get more leads, more sales, and more money in the bank.

Lesson 1| WTF Is Sales
What Sales is vs. What it's Not, Into to Case Studies

Lesson 2| Away from That / Towards This
Create the Space, Bridge the gap

Lesson 3| Sales is Service
Selling a Decision, The Sale, The Close, Call to Action


Learn how to make your brand stand out, figure out who your customer actually is, and stand apart from competitors with Vivian Kaye, 7-figure entrepreneur.

Lesson 1| What is a Brand?
What is is, What is Not, Where it Shows Up + Activity to create Mission, Vision, Values

Lesson 2| The Power of Branding
Why A Strong Brand Matter, How to Create a Strong Brand, Defining your Customer

Lesson 3| How to Stand Out
What makes your brand different, How to make an impact with your customer, and how to become memorable.


Take control of your time, feel proud of your calendar, and limit distractions with Stephanie Pellett, an expert in doing more in less time.

Lesson 1| How to Do Less
Give better email, Don't reinvent the Wheel, No more Easy Questions

Lesson 2| How to Do More
Know yourself, Get focused, Experiment, Do things for the Right reasons, Return on Investment

Lesson 3| The Nitty Gritty
Get Specific with Tasks, Quick Wins, Get Unstuck