Ever look at the clock and ask yourself “where did the time go?” One minute it’s 7am, the next, it’s 7pm, and you’ve found yourself, again, without taking a break for yourself.

Consider this your weekly act of self-care.

A weekly run club where you can come as you are, sweat it out, blow off steam and connect with others who don’t care that you have mismatched running shoes or are jogging with a full on bold red lip.

Boss Run is for you: the dreamer, the hustler, the big thinker - the one who deserves to take the time for you.

You are invited to connect at Make Lemonade, every Tuesday for a light 4k run paced by the Nike team. All levels welcome.

Artwork by  Gretchen Roehrs

Artwork by Gretchen Roehrs

SO, Are you In?

STEP 1: Click on a date in the calendar below & click ‘continue’
STEP 2: Pop your deets in the form & click ‘ready to run!’
STEP 3: You'll receive a confirmation email with the nitty-gritty

PS: This run club is for ALL fitness levels - you are welcome to join for as much or as little of the run as you would like. Remember, you’re the boss.